Innovative platform for the logistics industry

XSCALE provides a uniform and innovative platform for the logistics industry. We build technology to find smarter ways to connect shippers with carriers while solving some of the toughest problems in the freight industry

Custom tailored solutions

With the platform businesses can optimize shipping routes, manage their warehouses more efficiently and make real-time decisions that weren't possible before.


Forwarding optimization

Digitized platform to manage freight forwarding process by tracking items by SKU data, matching shipments with real-time insights into sales and demand, and balancing different kinds of freight options to provide the right items at the right time.


Transparency & integration

Through a comprehensive, real-time overview of the status of each shipment, businesses understand where all their inventory is, where it needs to go, and what needs to happen to get it there. Since the platform connects directly with global transportation markets and manufacturers, customers can see a full digital picture of the freight environment, helping them make improvements and transport cargo more efficiently.


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