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The technology-driven XSCALE platform provides businesses with end-to-end transparency and control over their entire supply chain. Increasing efficiency, minimizing errors and optimizing global trade.

By digitalising our operations, XSCALE overhauls traditionally legacy-based systems for freight forwarding business, meaning they can offer better and more profitable services to clients, faster.

At XSCALE we aim to achieve an efficient synergy of a broad scope of international freight providers and carriers to ensure our clients receive the fastest possible transit times, at competitive rates.

Powered by innovative solutions, we offer a full suite of logistics services including, road, sea and air freight, plus warehousing, pack / unpack, break bulk and more. We’re truly an end to end logistics provider, dedicated to ensuring your supply chain runs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

We put a great emphasis on service through instant quotations, minimum cut-off/connection times, all-time operations control and visibility in the first/last miles of your shipment.

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